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Are you looking to create a great game?

Our "Hero Journey" program helps developers with their early pre-production phase.
Setting you up for a successful development pipeline!

Who it's for

This program is for you if you're a serious game developer/studio with specialized knowledge, maybe already released a game or in the midst of creating your prototype and want to present your game convincingly to the world.
Overworked and Underpaid
- Working on your game during your free time or next to a job.
- Bending over backwards to get features in.
- Projects always go beyond scope or never get "finished"
- Putting in night-shifts, but never have time for anything besides development.
Overcomplicating Your Pipeline
- Haven't figured out your niche
- Your game isn't connecting with your dream players .
- Trying to solve a giant multi-faceted problem.
- Don't know where to start when it comes to marketing or project management.
Not Getting Feedback Consistently
- Worrying about capturing a playerbase or generating hype.
- You're actually building multiple  prototypes at a time and are unsure on how to proceed.
- You're jumping from strategy to strategy,
The "Hero Journey" will help you:
- Package your expertise into one irresistable prototype
that you can   show to publishers, investors or a bigger audience (completely up to you)
- Streamline the production pipeline
- Build and deploy a product centric content strategy for your game
- Figure out how to fund your game
- Articulate what you are building to capture the attention of your audience.
- Laverage social to grow your audience and influence
- Convert testers into loyal players
But there is more!
We will also help you build your pitch / marketing material!
As we are an art agency at the core.
- You will have a core branding, also known as a style guide, which   speaks to your niche.
- Based on this branding you will have   first marketing   material to approach   people with your idea!

If this sounds interesting to you, reach out through our application form above!